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Website Found – Get your Business and website Found Online

If you are looking for someone who can help you get your business and website found online at very competitive price you have come to the right place. I am currently helping many small to medium sized companies across the UK compete with the big boys at a fraction of the cost.

Why do I think that I am better than a large agency with more resources

Well I used to work for the large agencies and know from the inside how much work they do and the fees they charge.  Everyday more and more clients were

asking me if I fancied doing a “bit on the side” as it were and my freelance work steadily began to increase.  The workload kept increasing until I was eventually

in a position to work for myself.


We’re not big on cold calling or the ‘hard’ sell so if you want to work with us then simply get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

Back links

Posted - November 4, 2010

What are Back-links Back links are  quite simply a link from another website that links back to your website & adds value to your website & improves page rank on search engines such as Google. It is a known fact that Google assigns every single website page a Google Page rank, which is based on Read More >>

SEO Scam

Posted -

Don’t be a victim of an SEO scam? Ok maybe scam is too strong, but there are without doubt some unscrupulous companies in the SEO industry – and don’t be fooled by size or appearance – some of the biggest most professional looking SEO companies in the UK are some of the worst. lets just Read More >>

Social Media

Posted - October 27, 2010

The old rules of Marketing your business no longer apply! Every day, millions of people use Facebook/Twitter to create, discover and share ideas with others. Now, people are turning to Facebook/Twitter as an effective way to reach out to businesses, too.  From local stores to big brands, and from bricks-and-mortar businesses to Internet-based or the service sector, Read More >>

Google Keyword Tool

Posted - October 5, 2010

Website found can help you find the best keywords to use to promote your website & can also help you find a niche from which to build a business & our prices are less than you might think! If you have got time & want to learn how to find your own keywords we have Read More >>

Duplicate Content

Posted - October 4, 2010

Duplicate Content – Duplicate Content Did you get the title? – Oh I am just so funny- I crack myself up if nobody else! Okay this is one of those questions that keeps cropping up – does Google penalise duplicate content.  Some people say it doesn’t matter anymore but in my opinion you should avoid Read More >>

What is Twitter

Posted - October 3, 2010

What is Twitter you ask? Good question – well basically twitter is the king, the bees knees, the top dog, the grand daddy of the social networking scene although it is one of the youngest to enter the fray. At it’s most basic twitter is a series of 140-character announcements that anyone who is interested Read More >>

Youtube Downloader MP3

Posted -

Youtube Downloader MP3 You don’t just hae to watch music ideos on youtube you can also download music directly from Youtube using many programmes that make it possible to listen to the music ideos on yout personal MP3. Just follow the youtube downloader MP3 tutorial links for more information Orbit Downloader Softonic veoh Youtube

Submit site to Google

Posted - September 29, 2010

Submit your site to Google Ok – you have designed a user and search engine friendly website but don’t know what to do next. Well you need to submit  your site to Google& the other popular search engines. You will have a web address something like http://www.websitefound.co.uk for your own website – basically this is Read More >>

Google PageRank

Posted -

Google PageRank What is Google PageRank? Quite simply PageRank is a set of rules known as an algorithm that Google uses to decide how to highly to rank a website and is linked to how useful or relevant Google believes the site to be to the end user – me and you! We don’t really Read More >>

How To Write a Good Blog Post

Posted - May 21, 2010

There are many ways to write a blog that will help to get your website found &  increase vistors to your website or blog as Facebook & Twitter We can do this for you in a professional manner, however if you have the time to do it yourself and want to be hands on remember the following: You can Read More >>

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